Youve tried it all! Congratulations on choosing the only solution that actually works. Introduced in March of 2008, Raincoat® has been in development for nearly five years. We were determined to offer a coating that worked well and lasted a long time.

Water on plastic lenses, shields or windows can destroy your vision. Those drops distort what you see and at night they cause distracting reflections. This distortion can be deadly when riding a motorcycle in the rain. Water also causes safety problems at work when the employee's job requires good vision.

Also, water on your lenses attracts dirt and salts that build up as the water evaporates. This debris reduces your vision still further. During cleaning, this dirt will cause those micro scratches that shorten the life of your expensive plastic eyewear, lenses shields or windows.

  • Water Repellent "Hydrophobic" wax
  • Easy to Apply on any plastic visor or window
  • Long Lasting benefits
  • Works on any plastic, DOES NOT work on glass
  • Pack consist of Raincoat spray bottle and buff clolth

    Product Reviews:

    "... your Raincoat product is the greatest! It works tremendously on my capsule and allows me to compete at a higher level when driving through the corners at 100 mph!"

    - Jay Gignac, GI Whizz Racing Team, Hydroplane Race Boat, Greenfield, USA

    "The results are impressive. We applied Raincoat to the right front windscreen of a Cessna Caravan, allowing a direct comparison with the pilot’s side. Our pilot reported dramatically increased visibility in rain. The flight also encountered some ice, and Raincoat didn’t negatively affect the TKS fluid being slung back from the prop either."

    - By Ian J. Twombly, AOPA Magazine Review May 2011

    "In my view Raincoat is one of the best products that I have ever used, simple in its execution but effective in its impact. If you value your vision in wet weather conditions I wouldn’t hesitate to use Raincoat."

    - Andy McKnight, TM72 Racing, UK National Endurance champions 2010

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