Youve tried it all! Congratulations on choosing the only solution that actually works. Fogtech® is targeted specifically to prevent fogging on today's high tech plastics and glass. It quickly provides crystal clear vision through safety goggles, glasses, prescription glasses or face shields.
Advanced ingredients enable Fogtech® to safely coat these lenses with a transparent, long-lasting layer that instantly soaks up fog before it can obscure vision.

Fogtech® works extremely well. Take a look at the motorycle rider. I coated only the right side of the shield. After breathing for 5 minutes, the right side is perfectly clear. And the rider cannot see out the left side which is now completely fogged.

The Single Step Application is designed to get you back in the game or employees on the job inseconds. No rubbing means your expensive eye protection lasts longer without scratching or the wearing away of expensive coatings.

  • Single Step Application
  • Easy to Apply on any plastic visor or window
  • Instant Long Lasting benefit
  • Works on any plastics and glass
  • Pack consists of 12 easy to use wipes

    Product Reviews:

    Ride Magazine
    March 2008 Issue gives the Green Triangle to Fogtech!

    "The brilliant and inexpensive Fog Tech wins Best Buy for providing great results in all conditions."

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    "Go ride in fog free bliss!"
    - Jesse Ziegler, Dirt Rider Magazine
    (December 2006 Print Issue)

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