ATG | ALL Terrain Gear® of South Africa are the Official distributors of MotoSolutions® product in Southern Africa.

MS | MotoSolutions was established in 2003 and is headquartered in Rodeo, California, USA. Originally the company was dedicated to improving the motorcycling experience, but it soon became clear that sports participants and industrial employees experience compromised vision caused by water or fog on their protective eyewear. These vision problems can cause safety issues, which could result in injury, slow performance, and cost money.

In 2003, MS produced its first product, Fogtech®DX Instant Anti Fog Wipes - the best anti-fog (anti-mist) on the market. Fogtech is a topical anti-fog wipe that is self-spreading and requires no rubbing. Each application can last for days—three to five days is typical. While sports enthusiasts originally adopted the product, industrial safety quickly became a major market.

In 2008, MS intrduced Raincoat® Advanced Water Repellent Coating. Raincoat® works by shedding water off plastic lenses so drops will not distort vision. At the same time Raincoat® keeps eyewear and plastic shields cleaner and can reduce ice and snow build up. Raincoat® is easy to apply, completely transparent, and lasts for days even in heavy downpours.

All of MotoSolutions® products are 100% Made in the United States of America.

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